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The Personal Growth Hacker Revolution: The Quiet Revolution Empowering Individuals to Unlock Their Full Human Potential



the Next Game Changing Technology Revolution (is here)

In the 1800’s the industrial revolution centered around technological advancements that enhanced human efficiency, resulting in improved global living standards and overall well-being.
Then in the late 20th Century, the internet revolution democratized access to information, which fostered innovation, and transformed every aspect of daily life, including education, business, and social interactions.

From the advancements created by industry & information-sharing capability in these great revolutions, another revolution has taken shape. It’s something that most people don’t realize or appreciate to full effect until it’s pointed out to them. The personal development revolution.

the Technology & Process for an Unlimited You

Over the past decade, a proliferation of advancement and accessible personal technology has empowered the general public to effortlessly transform their physical fitness, emotional well-being, and personal effectiveness.

This Personal Development Revolution has drawn the best from bio-hackers, growth hackers, extreme adventurers, and maverick thinkers to create user-friendly frameworks that enable ordinary individuals to achieve exceptional results through simplified, & step-by-step approaches.

Free Training, Course & Challenge

Welcome to Keto Forum and Gains Journal.
Our two sites & community is dedicated to the art of growth hacking your inner and other fitness & enhancing your ability to perform at your best.

Working to Sculpt the Body of Your Dreams? Learn about our Rapid Fitness & Body Shaping Framework Here

Want to explode your levels of Inner/Emotional Abundance (Joy), as well as Physical Abundance and High Performance? Learn about our Meditation & Goal Hacking Framework Here

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Keto 2.0- Secret #2: Steal These Tactics & Success Hacks From Elite Athletes -Upgrade

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Secret #2: Consistency is the second part of the Keto 2.0 Secret Sauce. Consistency can be Hacked. Making consistency a non-issue will make a MASSIVE Difference in getting the Transformational Results you want.

>>Winning Mouse…


-Intro: Rise of Super-athlete
— innovation has led to parabolic recordbreaking possibilities
—what this means for you
-example and takeaway (sample)
–do this, not that
–compare/contrast: which would you rather
–Call to Action
–Dialogue, and Segway, Loop (more samples-high level/bullet copy form)

Keto 101 – 3 Things Every Massive Successful Keto Hacker Should Be Told You Before You Started

I. High level Summary
Keto Lever…
>>Personal Effectiveness… look to high performers in all fields…. Here is how they operate… 

Straight from the Training

II. The Keto Lever {Graphic}

Steal This Tactic Straight from the Training Programs Used by Elite Athletes

>Process Based
-Growth. -go into Detail
-Process is Primary

Play Keto Like ‘Tiger Woods, Not Tin Cup’

the Measurement Mindset

I. Intro
B1) There’s something… Extreme Competency… Keto is a Lever… Hand on the right…. There are 3 things… What if your to far to the left? forget about it… going no where fast. In the next 3 minutes you will… 

Today Im going to show you the Big Secrets… to making sure your get an Amazing Keto Transformation in 90 days or less. This (Remarkable thing) is something that some of the smartest Keto Hackers do, but the average Keto Joe thinks is beneath them. If you take a few minutes to take care of this now, it will pay off in droves… even have a clue about when they first started. With an awareness of this though, you will be able to CRUSH IT in less time than you even thought possible.

II. Why
III. How -Implementing it

>Process Based Mindset
-not fixed, growth mindset

What does using this look like?

I. Intro
TR). One you’ve implemented these few simple to implement but Hyper Potent Tricks, you will never go back.

II. Examples -Contrast
Choose: Red Pill or Blue Pill:
How to fail at keto….
How to win at keto… 

III. Call to Action
Bonus). [Bonus Block] If you’d like to see how I: 1. set up Keto Hackers for … 2. Identify my top… 3. Advertise my 2 highest converting…  Grab a Free Copy of my…

IV. Close and Conclusion
HD). Most Keto programs are unfortunately short-sited. Keto hacking is about innovating your diet, fitness and lifestyle to ________. Whether you want to ____, ____, ____, Keto 2.0 will ______Transformative Result…. What’s in it for you.

V. OLoop
The Most Important Habit… Winning
-the winning mouse story… 
-takeaway: gratitude moment every morning
—my experience 

“That which you can measure, you can improve.”
WordPress Developer


What ___ Keto Hacker.

1 DS P6_). What does your Keto Hacker want more than anything else? Ideal KH wants certainty that they possess a skillset to create transformational assets that will grow their results with predictability

1DS P11)). Reasons Why they chose this offer…

How would your Keto Hacker explain the ‘reasons why’ they chose your offer over your competition? (think from a value/benefits perspective) We choose to buy the Keto 2.0 program instead of any other Keto program because it was the fastest step-by-step process i could find. There are a lot of cheaper copywriting trainings and thare a a lot or trainings from experts whove helped businesses generate millions in sales BUT what spoke to me was that Augie had worked with people just like me.

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