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Leveraging a Proven Keto Transformation Secret for 10X Results



Getting Results with Keto is a Process.

As we start, something important to quickly consider. If you the mindset of world class athletes who consistently win, something would become obvious. They don’t obsess over the outcome. Instead, they focus on training, and focus on great execution. In other words, their focus is on the process. This also happens to be great advice for using Keto to get Lean Body Results.

Focusing on Process attracts great results. On the other hand, Focusing on the outcome, leads to doubt and poor performance which then create poor results.

So for Creating Great Keto Results, what is the best goal to have?
The best goal to have is to focus on exceptionally executing your Keto Process.

As you go through this article, think about the personalized process that you will be creating as you put the pieces together, and the positive body shaping impacts that your Focus on Exceptional Process Execution will have in the coming months. Remember that the outcomes will take care of themselves. More on this later…

The One Thing that All Keto Overachievers Know About Leverage.

What is behind Keto Overachiever Results? How can it be replicated?
There can be a misconception that dramatic results relies on working more, and working harder. While work is necessary, what’s usually overlooked is that the ‘over the top’ results in the sports & technology breakthroughs you have see everywhere these last few decades rely on something else. We are talking about groundbreaking results like the High Altitude Parachute Jumps, Record Breaking Mountain Free Climbs, Reusable Self-Landing Rockets.

These record breaking results come from:
-Leveraging Disruptive & Often Unconventional Strategy & Masterful Form
-Using sports psychology to enhance performance
-A better understanding of how humans should train to build momentum

This short article will give you a Keto Methodology & Process you can leverage for surprisingly better results (even if your getting ok or good results already). There are some simple Keto Skills you can use to create better, quicker results with far less work. Approaching Keto with the Keto 2.0 Process will help bypass problematic assumptions that hold most people back or at least limit their results.

a 90 Day Keto Transformation

Imagine yourself in 90 Days from now. You have been doing keto in a way that few people even realize is possible. A way that gets better results faster.

Instead of having any ups, downs, challenges or plateau’s (like most people) you did just a few things differently. Your body transformation easy, fast and almost guaranteed. Best of all, it wasn’t complicated and didn’t take a lot of time. It wasn’t at all grueling. You had fun.

The results were not ehh… so so… 
You started Keto inn a very specific way, and because of that you had insane results. You put in work, but it was mostly easy. 

Better Results with a Proven Framework

As you keep reading, you are going to realize that you are being introduced to very specific framework for getting incredible results with Keto. And as you see how the pieces fit together, it will become clear to you how you are now holding a few critical keys that most people are unaware of. These 3 secrets are simple but powerful. And they create repeatable, proven, accelerated results. 

Secret #1 -The 80/20 Process Framework
There are 3 key parts to this system (3 secrets if you will)… the first Secret is a simple strategy to accurately tune in to the things that boost your body’s fat burning capability beyond what possible for most people. This strategy is what will specifically drive your meal planning and everything else.

The Most Important Question for Guaranteed Ketobody Transformation Success:
Do you know your current Trajectory? 
Trajectory Matters. If you don’t know the direction that you are heading, your guessing. And, guesswork hardly every leads to success in anything.

If you want the fantastic results you deserve, you need to know hour by hour that what you are doing is keeping you on the right track and is steering you to the desired results. And, you may not yet realize this, but the same principle that steers a rocket, is also the best approach to steer your keto efforts toward a beach body. 

An Intentional Strategy Matters

Guesswork versus Knowing Where Your Results will Land
Can you imagine the 90 days in the future version of you, that has easily achieved your ideal body shape?

What did your future self do? Here’s what happened: Your future self intentionally steered. 

Steering the Craft… 
Houston we have a problem… in 1970, the Apollo 13 Astronauts experienced a critical failure in their spacecraft while leaded to the moon. They lost navigation and their computers. Without computer navigation and autopilot, Survival relayed completely concise measurement, observation and calibration. They had to Control the Trajectory. Apollo 13 landed safely, the mission was accomplished. Their trajectory control process worked. 

Know This, and Win with Keto

Similar to an Astronaut,  a Ketonaut can control his or her path and land amazing results. Controlling your Keto Trajectory will create rapid, and transformative body shaping results. 

You car may have an assisted parking system. Thats where the car’s computer paints lines on the screen and warns you if your steering is off. Unfortunately Apollo 13 didn’t have artificial intelligence to light up a path. The path was invisible.

But the path could be measured with tools on hand, and the astronauts could use that to steer toward earth. Much the same way, your keto path is invisible. And, you, armed with the knowledge of a Ketonaut, can measure and steer toward the lean, very fit body shape you desire. 

Let’s talk about how to do that.

Landing Abnormally Great Ketobody Results (Part 1)

Let’s talk about Exactly What to Do.

The invisible path we talked about earlier… the invisible path is your Level of Fat Adaptation.

Here are the Various Ranges of Fat Adaptation:
Not Fat Adapted
or Not in Keto
Lightly Fat Adapted or In Light Keto
Moderately Fat Adapted or In Keto
Highly Fat Adapted or In DEEP KETO

KetoBody Results Happen when…

Good results happen when you maintain a Moderate Level of Fat Adaptation (get & stay in Keto) while running a Calorie Deficit.
Great Results happen when get into Deep Keto and run a Calorie Deficit.
Abnormally Great, Holy Sh#t that’s Insane Results happen with consistent, high quality Process Focused Execution. Things we’ll talk more about how to hack in Ketonaut Secrets #2&3.

The Deep Keto Breakdown… Ketonaut: Keep Your Eye on the Leading Indicators.

So of course . Especially in the beginning, you should be checking your Keto Levels several time a day.

This is important

The difference…

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Keto Super-Hacking Secret #1: A Simple Truth to Unleashing Your Fat Burning Engine.



This short video REVEALS the Simple but Powerful Secret to an Effortless 90 Day Ketobody Transformation:

What if you had a ‘Smartcut’ to hack your fitness goals & ideal body shape?

Imagine the changes as you witness your body effortlessly transforming into your ideal shape the course of 90 days…

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Keto Super-Hacking Secret #1: A Simple Truth to Unleashing Your Fat Burning Engine. -1



What if you had a ‘Smartcut’ to hack your fitness goals & ideal body shape?

Imagine the changes as you witness your body effortlessly transforming into your ideal shape the course of 90 days…

This is what a 90 Day Ketonaut Transformation looks

Flawless Cosmetic GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

But unfortunately this is what the majority of Keto Dieters experience-

Plane Crash GIF by memecandy - Find & Share on GIPHY

It doesn’t have to be like that.

There are 3 Critical Things needed for Amazing Keto Results. If you understand and use these 3 things you can have complete control over your body shape and fitness.

And even better than that, as you start to absorb the simple secrets to creating a Ketobody in the next 90 days (or less), you’ll probably also start to realize that approaching fitness in the way you are about to learn is fun, easier the longer you do it and something that quickly becomes habit.

Keto done right, should product predictable, fast results. There is one big difference between limp, weak Keto failures and Keto Afterburner results. It is is a simple but powerful thing.

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Keto Super-Hacking Secret #1: A Simple Trick to Unleashing Your Fat Burning Engine.



Secret 1 -Where to Hit the Hammer

There is a secret in plain sight that most Keto Dieters aren’t aware of. It gives the people that use it a huge edge in shaping their body. This short learning session will give you that same edge.

The Secret is not Keto. Its beyond ordinary Keto. The secret will power up the Engine that unleashes Keto. Unleashed Keto will pulverize body fat, and shape the Ketobody of your dreams.

The ‘Keto’ Hammer

There is a story of a master mechanic who went to fix a ship’s old, malfunctioning engine. He hops on board the ship, and goes to the engine room. He looks and listens for a few minutes.

The mechanic takes a small hammer and taps a few times on a big pope attache to the giant engine. He taps on on a few exact spots. He taps with precise force and timing. The engine stops sputtering and suddenly starts humming. The engine now worked like new.

The ship owner was happy with the fast and incredible result, but shocked by the bill of $10,000 for such little work. The ship owner asked for an itemized bill.

Tapping with a Hammer: $2
Knowing where to Tap: $10,000

Knowing where to Tap Is PRICELESS
Unfortunately, most people don’t realize there is a skill to getting results with Keto. They dont have a hammer and they dont know where to tap. Unfortunately, that leads them to put a lot of hard work and energy into things that dont matter. It doesnt have to be like that.

Incredible results will be normal if you do what we are about to talk about. Now, Secret #1.

Secret #1 -An 80-20 Hyper-Focus on Deep Ketosis

For the Secret to Easy, Mind Blowing Results with Keto, Watch this Short Video:

How to Take Complete Control of Your Ketobody Results…

Keto should be Fun, Easy, and Hyper Effective at Quickly Transforming your body. Focusing on the Secret we just discussed will give a huge edge in shaping your own body.

For Keto Secret #1 step-by-step detail, be sure to Get ‘the 3 Day Ketonaut Bootcamp’ course while it is still FREE.

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