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Keto Secret #3 -Inner Game: the Professional Tools for Success (M1.4)

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the Foundation of a Keto-body Transformation

Intro: Keto Red Framework
-Part 1: The Fundamentals: the Keto to Melting Fat & Sculpting the a Lean, Svelte Keto-Body
a. Keto GPS
c. Adapt to Adapting
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Unlocking Your Potential for Rapid Svelte Keto-body Transformation

Imagine a program that not only helps you achieve your desired weight and health goals but also empowers you to unleash your full potential. Our groundbreaking Keto & Fitness Hacking System (Keto.Red) goes beyond the standard nutritional guidelines by incorporating powerful self-development techniques and motivation strategies, creating a holistic approach to your transformation.

For a Limited Time, You can try this Keto.Red Course for FREE (don’t forget to sign up below!)

Revolutionize Your Body Sculpting Journey: Harness the Power of Science & Technology for Lasting, Effortless Results

Here’s the thing: The key to long-lasting success lies not only in dietary changes but also in cultivating a positive mindset and adopting powerful habits. Our course merges the science-backed principles of the ketogenic diet & high tech fitness, with powerful, proven self-development tools, creating a synergy that will propel anyone willing to put in the work, towards remarkable results.
Through our meticulously crafted modules, you will learn how to align your mindset with your goals, overcome limiting beliefs, and develop a resilient attitude towards challenges. You’ll discover innovative strategies to stay motivated, build self-discipline, and create sustainable habits that support your keto journey.

We understand that transformation goes beyond physical changes. That’s why our course also focuses on nurturing your mental and emotional well-being. You’ll gain valuable insights into self-care practices, stress management techniques, and mindfulness exercises, providing a solid foundation for a balanced and fulfilled life.

Best of all, prepare to be amazed as we unveil to you, a realm of groundbreaking technologies that have remained a well-kept secret, unknown to the vast majority of the general public.
By enrolling in Keto.Red, you are not just signing up for a fitness course or challenge – you are embarking on a life-altering experience. Prepare to witness incredible shifts in your body, mind, and overall well-being. Embrace the transformative power of our program and unleash the best version of yourself.
Don’t settle for mediocrity when greatness awaits. Join our Keto Course with self-development and motivation tools today and unlock your limitless potential. Your journey towards effortlessly maintained and extraordinary Lean, Svelte Ketobody success starts here.

Lagniappe: Keto Spaghetti

Keto Forum is about mixing business with pleasure. Sometimes when you mix things, the unexpected happens. This is what I discovered the the best spaghetti period. Click on the Picture Below to find out how low carb spaghetti has been hacked into something that is even better than the real thing.

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3 Proven, Breakthrough Secrets in the Keto 2.0 System



The devil in the details…

Astonishing and Fast Results with Keto should be normal. The reasons people get anything other than Smashing Results comes down to a few things. They’re not complicated, if you know a few things.

For most people, it all comes down to a few Mistakes in Understanding:
1. How to Make Keto work, and
2. Understanding how to think about your relationship to food and your metabolism

Armed with just a little knowledge about how to best approach the two things above, you can form a personal strategy so that consistency is not difficult or an issue.

1 Simple Formula

Deep Ketosis + Consistency = Rapid KetoBody Results

Above is the general formula. To get great results, first, get yourself in a State of Maintained Deep Ketosis, then Run a Calorie Deficit for Several Weeks. That’s all it takes to melt fat. Deep Ketosis means that your body is highly fat adapted and easily burns fat for fuel. More on that in a minute.

If only it were that simple.
It is that simple, but unless you know a few things, it may not be simple. In fact, it’s going to be an increasingly futile exercise that ends poorly.

There’s a story about a master engineer called in to fix a steam ship engine that was grinding and seizing up. After talking to the ship captain and crew for 5 minutes, he went to the boiler room, looked around and took notice at the layout, sights and sounds of engine as it pumped.

He then took out a small hammer from his overalls and tapped a shiny valve one time. Almost immediately the engine came to life and started purring along working like new.

The ship owner was sent a bill for $1000, and was enraged -the whole repair only took 15 minutes.
The engineer sent an itemized bill:
For tapping the valve $.50
For knowing where to tap: $999.50

Lets talk about where to tap.
Secret #1: Focus Everything You Do on a Deep Level of Ketosis
If you remove carbs & lower protein from your diet, and increase healthy fats, your body is going to start using Fat for energy instead of sugar and carbs. The better your body has adapted to burning fat for energy, the deeper your level of Ketosis.

Ketonauts that know where to tap, they focus on their level of keto.

They gain a sense of how to get into deep level of keto by observing how their metabolism interacts with their Macro’s. Macro’s (or Macronutrients) refers to the percentage of Carbs to Protein to Fat your have in your diet. Higher levels of Healthy Fats promote Higher Levels of Ketosis. And, Higher Levels of Ketosis leads to more effective & faster BodyFat Loss.

{Picture: Keto Meter}

Ketonaut Field Manual #1: the Basic Strategy
Step 1: Dial in a Low Carb Meal Plan
Step 2: Get Ketometer, and Figure out the Carb Count that allows you to get into Deep Ketosis

This is the Ketometer I use-

You can also use a urine strip, but its more difficult, take more time and all around just a pain to do.

What is Deep Ketosis & Why Should You Care?

What is Keto Competency? For Effortless and Predictable Results, what should you focus on?
You should know how much body fat that you are going to take off in a day and in a week. If you dont that’s a problem. You can easily measure (your metrics)…

The Hammer… Hitting the wrong place…
Why this step matters?

Next -Meal Planning 101
–So now that you understand this, we can talk about…

Show Your Work… UP
Lets dive into maybe the most important thing about Keto Competency.

The Keto 2.0 System…

Keto 2.0 just plain works. And it doesn’t take long. You don’t need to use or master all of these, but within here is part of what you will discover:

  • the 3 Secrets to Fast and Mind-Blowing Keto Transformation
  • Step by Step Strategy & Plan + Tips to Implement the 3 Secrets
  • Want a 5 Minute Hack that produces better results than a 1 hour grueling weight lifting session?
  • How would you like to let a Battery do your High Intensity Cardio for You while you watch TV?
  • Learn how to avoid that 5 Mistakes that many peoples chances of sustained Keto Transformation 

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Keto Secrets Revealed



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Keto.AI: Part 3 – Keto.Red: Pro Results on Auto-Pilot



Everyone wants beach ready, lean, svelte body results but throughout the history of mankind… It’s always been an uphill battle. No More. Tech has changed things.

Are you ready for something different?

Fitness & Strength Training, and Lean, Svelte Body-Shaping has entered the Age of Artificial Intelligence. This makes elite results that were gruelingly hard, attainable and in many cases rapid and effortless.

Fitness AI is a program that will help you quickly laser focus the most effective Fitness Hacking Innovations that exist. There are Three Parts to this. Part 3 is focused on the Science Driven Formula & Tools to Sculpt a Lean, Beach Ready Body.

Fitness AI Part 3:  Hacking the Pro Results with Inner Game

Technology is allowing humans to do things which were once thought of as Science Fiction in almost every field & human discipline. From Computer Technology & Artificial Intelligence to Sports Enhancement, the Arts & Sciences, and everything in between –Records are being shattered at an unpresented rate.
Behind every broken record and innovation is a group or an individual that is performing at a professional, elite level. These are the Professionals of the Modern Day Digital & Technology Renaissance.
Winning Inner Game is the differentiator that elevates these record breaking Pro’s. These winning Pro Athletes, Extreme Athletes, Tech Pioneers and Successful Innovators have a certain internal edge that pushes them over the top.
While innovative technology (like keto or gym hacking) is fantastic, it won’t work without professional execution. Without someone in the driver’s seat paying attention & doing the intentional work and management, nothing happens. Unprofessional engagement is a guaranteed path to failure with hacking your body shape and fitness.

‘Keto AI: Part 2 Quote

Watch this short video to learn the Tools that the Pro’s use to Shape Winning Inner Game:

This Video will help you learn:
Why traditional motivation and self-help is wrong and often detrimental
How to copy the same Meditation & Inner Game Tactics that the Pro’s use
How to hack Flow States to Effortless Achieve Fitness & Every Other Goal

Sign up Below for our Mini-Course to Learn More.

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