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Keto.Red: the Secret to Hacking a Lean, Svelte Body

Understanding How to Rapidly Create Transformative Lean Body Results



Keto Transformation Secrets

Advanced Keto Transformation Secrets (Revealed)

Ready to find out how its possible for any ordinary person to hack the body shape of their dreams in a very short amount of time? This article will introduce you to Keto.Red: a simple and powerful framework for Rapid & Predictable Lean Body Transformations. Keto.Red is going to show you how its possible to get better, faster results by doing less, not more.

The Keto.Red framework aims to achieve elite levels of lean, svelte body shaping and fitness results with minimal effort and without requiring any grueling exercise or dietary deprivation.

Keto Pro Secrets: Focusing in on What Really Matters

Why Framework is Important

Without a framework, you have to recreate the wheel. Good Frameworks same time and energy because the mistakes are already removed for you. Frameworks are plug-and-play. Frameworks are a good thing.

The unfortunate truth is that most diet and exercise plans are outdated and based on best frameworks that are inaccurate or misunderstood and ultimately hold us back from reasonably easy results that are well within our reach.

A good framework is a repeatable strategy that focuses on rapid and sustainable growth and results. It provides ready to use best practices that provide a simplified structure and strategy to getting a set of results. What you are currently reading is framework about thinking a little differently and letting technology & innovation do the hard work in creating you lean svelte keto-body.

Does it take a little time -yes. But it doesn’t take long, and the work is minimal, even if you have a the very busy life most people do these days.

Does the Keto.Red Framework, this Low Carb + High Tech magic work for everyone? In theory this approach or even keto in general should let anyone get amazing results. But that obviously doesn’t happen. Why is that?
It really boils down to 3 Simple Reasons:
1. Not understanding the Fundamentals
2. Failure to be Consistent
3. Inner Roadblocks (Mindset, Emotions, and the Human Factor)

Keto.Red is a common sense Fitness Hacking Framework, that will can put lean beach body results within reach for almost anyone who is willing to put in the work. The best part is that it can be fun and doesn’t take a lot of grunt work or depriving yourself of the fun and enjoyable things in life, like traditional diet and fitness programs do .

the Benefit: Keto is Fast, Keto can be Effortless

The main benefit of keto is that it is a fast way to lose weight. Keto provides quick results for individuals who want to see progress in a shorter amount of time. By restricting carbohydrate intake and increasing fat consumption, the body goes into a state of ketosis, where it burns fat for energy instead of glucose. This leads to rapid weight loss, especially in the initial stages of the diet.

Keto doesn’t require a lot of work or depriving youself of food experiences. But it does require you to pay attention, understand the fundamentals and keep carbs out.

Bottom Line: the bottom line is that Low Carb/Keto is Less Work, No Struggle, and if done the right way produces Multitudes of Success (i.e. 10X-Level Results) compared to any other diet out there

Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own.

Bruce Lee -Martial Arts Legend

Leveraging Technology

Keto is a technology. It’s not a complicated, but all technologies have rules that make them work. Unfortunately most people don’t start with the rules of principles. The First Secret (of three secrets) is about

We recently bought a Tesla, it outperforms the ‘supposedly top notch’ German driving experience of the vehicle we replaced. It took a few weeks to get used to operating it, but its better, like exponentially better.

There’s no going back, life is better, our family runs smoother. Our transportation is more reliable, high performance. Plus -there’s no work with maintenance, fueling is very convenient, and there are dozens of other big and little benefits.

Keto & Fitness Hacking is a lot like that. Once you know a few things you can connect the dots. And then, the dots connect and results become insanely fantastic & there is no going back.

If we had known a few little but important things from the get go, we’d have switched or driving machines a long time ago, and with less bumps in the road (no pun intended). This article will help you understand the most important secrets to fast track your fitness and lean body results.

Secret #1: the Measurement Mindset

Measure how you’re doing

Secrets #2 & #3

Secret #2:
Secret #3:


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Ode to Spaghetti


Secret #2: Guarantee Your Own Ketobody Success in 90 Days

Ketonaut Secret #2
*A Design for Guaranteed Results
**An Innovative Goal Achievement Hack
***Stealing a Roadmap & Directions for Creating your Ketobody



Did you know that…

80% of New Years Resolutions Fail by February. Most people dont realize this, but they fail for a very simple reason that is easy to fix. And, the reason for the failure isn’t a lack of willpower, discipline or motivation.

What if you could make 1 subtle change, and never fail a New Years Resolution Again? And have that same complete success with your diet and Ketobody Goals from now on?

–Ketonaut Debreif–

Ketonaut Secret #2
*A Design for Guaranteed Results
**An Innovative Goal Achievement Hack
***Stealing a Roadmap & Directions for Creating your Ketobody

a Design Flaw. Fix this in 5 Minutes and Win.

Have you ever gotten super exited about a New Years Resolution? Whether its to lose weight, exercise, or even learn a new skill.

3 Month’s Later... How’s it going? Are you any closer to your goal? If you’re like almost everyone, you most likely don’t ever remember that you make a resolution.

Here’s the thing. It’s not your fault. Whoever came up with New Years Resolutions did not understand something about how humans operate. You as a human being were not designed for New Years Resolution’s.

Tradtional goal setting and planning were not designed for success. Not deliberately. But becasue of some specific parameters within our brain’s mechanics, that you and most people may not be aware of (yet).

You’re about to be pleasantly surprised. Let’s Explain.

Here is the problem… Annual Thinking, instead of Quarterly Thinking

Remember Joe Montana or Micheal Jordan working their magic. Their team is down and a touchdown a few points stand between a Championship or defeat.

They lit up. They came to life and performed. They were against the clock and they worked it. Every motion was connect. Every pass and stride and throw was intentional.

And they scored. And won. And inspired a generation. [for those under 30, and saying huh, right now… think Lebron James or Tom Brady]

the Solution: be Your Own Mission Control

90 Day Year
-Process Focus, Attainment

Tools for the Mission: Fostering a Process Mindset

What is a Process Mindset?
it is the opposite of being outcome oriented.
That’s why New Years resulutions Fail –> subtle shift…

90 Day Year…



What to do now…

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Secret #3: The Biggest Secret to a Ketobody

Ketonaut Secret #3
*Using Your Autopilot
**Hacking Zen to Create a 6 Pack
***The Most Powerful Ketobody Secret



Did you know you have an Auto-Pilot?

There is a Matrix -sort of.

–Ketonaut Debreif–

Ketonaut Secret #3
*Using Your Autopilot
**Hacking Zen to Create a 6 Pack
***The Most Powerful Ketobody Secret

Lightening in a Jar

Can you remember a time… Or how about… Reframe: Here’s what we actually know about. By looking at… we can understand… We’ve found that Flow can be bottled like lightning in a jar…

The problem is the resources you need cant be access with the thinking part of our mind. The true power comes from…

Its like… Ocean Wave Example… Always Calm underneath…

Here is the problem… The Problem is your feelings, the solution is hidden beneath the surface…

Your quiet place…

Pump you up -doesnt work… Like trying to out splash the waves… May be fun for a while, but cant win the game.

The counter intuitive nature of Flow. The more you try, the farther away it gets…

Richard Gere -First Knight, You have to not care… Independence

Problem to Solution -Hacking the Matrix

There is a way. There are several ways… Most ways are really difficult and take a long time…
Even some of the better ways, take a ton of super difficult persistence…

Few techniques that work really well, If you know a few things… So, lets talk about those few things…

Here is How to

The Matrix is whatever you think it is…

Responsible for it. Feed your Responsibility with Intention. Can train your internal quiet mechanism to expand success.
Two suggestions below in TLDR…

The Astronaut Advantage. (Mission, Purpose, Training, Process) –> Just add flow…
Similary, the Ketonaut advantage.


Exercise 1 -Gratitude
–Principle of Expansion

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Secret #1: the Super Human Power of Intentional Keto. The Secret to Better, Faster Ketobody Results.

Ketonaut Secret #1
*Simple Fix to Creating Big Results
**An Innovative Brain Hack for Meal Planning
***Stealing Astronaut Thinking for Shaping your Ketobody



Keto Hacking: the 80/20 Rule

The REAL SECRET to FAST & ASTONISHING KETOBODY RESULTS may surprise you. But, the secret is easy to find if you know where to look. There are obvious clues.

Have you ever wondered why the worlds best Athletes & Innovators seem to always predictably create Superhuman Accomplishments in their respective fields? Record breaking sprints, Rockets that land themselves, Smart Phones. Now, What if you could steal a little of their mojo to effortlessly hack your ideal body shape?

If you had a simple way to borrow a simple few lessons from Superhuman PerformersYou would do that right? And, what if you used their secrets to create the Svelte Ketobody of you dreams, Fast? Imagine what you could do.

Ketonaut Secret #1 -In the next few minutes you will have the simple, but rare understanding of a powerful Keto Hack. You can use it to achieve Svelte, Predictable Ketobody Results. Faster than you currently think is possible.

The best part is that this is actually grounded in the proven science of what your brain pays attention to. As you continue reading, you may soon realize that what we are talking about is behind some of mankind’s most amazing accomplishments. Like space travel…

-Ketonaut Debrief-

Ketonaut Secret #1
*Simple Fix to Creating Big Results
**An Innovative Brain Hack for Meal Planning
***Stealing Astronaut Thinking for Shaping your Ketobody

Houston, we have a Problem…

Remember being a kid, getting stuck in a car, and sitting through a long drive. All you could think was, ‘Are we there yet?’

Traveling can be miserable, if you have no idea where you are going and how long it will take. In the same way, A Keto Transformation Journey is going to be miserable (or even impossible) without this first Ketonaut Principle.

But with Secret #1, Ketobody results will be easy and predictable. Easy & Predictable: You will know exactly what to do and how to know if you are on track or need to adjust. You can have total certainty that what you are doing is correct. And know exactly what to do next. And how far or close your Ketobody success is.

So that we can really understand this, let’s take a closer look at the amazing story of the Apollo 13 Astronauts. What they did is similar to what we are trying to do, if you really think about it. Let’s understand what they did, so that we can use the 1st Keto Secret to out advantage.

The Apollo 13 Astronauts had the worst ever ‘Roadtrip’. Their spaceship’s fuel tank and navigation systems blew up. The crew became stranded.

And, as you likely know, things turned out well for Apollo 13. The crew made it home against all odds.

Our Keto Journey is definitely easy compared to Apollo 13’s dilemma. Yet, there are 2 simple & brilliant lessons in how Apollo 13 operated that apply. IF APPLIED, these lessons will almost Guarantee Achieving our Ketobody Goals.

Get there Like a Ketonaut

The task you and I share with the Apollo 13 crew is this. Like the crew we need to get from Point A to Point B. And, Point B is in the distance. It can seem far away.

Theres is a critical lesson we can borrow if we understanding how Apollo 13 persevered and accomplished their harrowing mission.

Apollo 13 knew the direction of the Earth. It was a speck of light on the Horizon. The Earth was far away. The steering they needed had to be Approximated, but INTENTIONAL. It had to be ‘Continually Measured’ in less than ideal conditions. We ‘Ketonauts’ face a similar task.

The Task: Steering Home

Apollo 13 could not see the the earth. But they knew it was on the horizon. And we, as Ketonauts, need to know our ideal Ketobody is there waiting for us, on the horizon.

Like the crew, we need to steer home. No GPS marking the path.
The path is invisible, but it is there. And it needs to be very INTENTIONALLY Navigated.

You can not veer too far off course, for too long… Or Else -Disaster


We will use tools we have on hand to navigate to that Ketobody result that lies in the horizon. We can measure an make sure we are on course. Our steering will rely on some easy & smart guesswork. Steering doesn’t have to be perfect. Just good enough.

How Ketonauts Steer. Deep Keto.
Ketonaut Principle #1: We have a job. It is to measure and adjust so that we stay on the path. Our simple task is to Intentionally maintain and steer to maintain a Deep Enough Level of Ketosis.

Pictured below is our Keto navigation tool. You blow into it. It reads the level of Ketones in your breath and will tell you your level of Ketosis. Level 4 is good. Level 5 or more means you are in a Deep Level of Ketosis.

In Deep Ketosis and with a Calorie Deficit, your metabolism will eagerly melt body fat as its primary source of fuel. No hard work. The body fat just comes off rapidly.

“Like the astronauts, we will improvise tools to triangulate, measure and steer home. But not back to earth, but to our ideal body shape.”
A Ketonaut's Sole Navigation System
A Ketonaut’s Sole Navigation System

The difference in a Ketonaut’s approach.

Here’s the surprising but simple truth about why… Most people are flipped upside down. They are 20/80, instead of 80/20

Most people just don’t put an emphasis on the 20% of things that creates 80% of the results.

That is the 80/20 Rule Above. Awareness of where you are, how to get… in the TLDR below…

Here is the crux of it. If you’ve read this far, you someone who probably… And that means that you… open to.. and doing what it takes.

Even just keeping topspin, your going to likely blow it out of the water … The problem is that most people just go at it with intention on the 20%. The focus on… get distracted, then overwhelmed, and quit or just dont get good results in the end.

The dont pay attention to their level of keto and if what’s keeping them on track… They don’t

Here is what’s important to do, You need to be intentional with the following things:
2 -Calorie Deficit when its time
3 -Constant Awareness and Noticing
4 -Start Basic & Build
5 -Turn Enough Knobs to Get the Result You Want

Calibration (Steering yourself)… to

The second part…

Enough Thrust. An Internal Tool. The Most Important Thing.


Intentional Keto: the Measurement First Mindset

Secret #1 -Intention is your fuel, it will get you there.
Intention -Prioritize Measurement in…
External –
-Internal: Get & Stay in the Red Zone. Drive. Like a Quarterback, Like the Apollo 13 Crew.

More Resources, will solidify your ability to be intentional… Secret #2 & #3.

A Strategy Worth Stealing

How to use Keto Meter w Intention. {VIDEO}
Calibration Tips & Tricks
Outline Mind Meister.


the Keto Mind Hack

And now, Ketonaut Secret #1.

Ketonaut Secret #1: Steps to a Ketobody Liftoff

Ok, now here’s the good stuff.

Time to steal some Astronaut Mojo for Team Ketonaut.
1. Keto with Intention
2. Know if You are On Target (Monitor Keto Level)
3. Calibrate, Stay on the Path (Deep Keto)

What’s next…
Getting to 90/10, or 95/5…

Simply said -Apollo 13 had blinders on to everything except:
-pointing in the direction of their target
-measuring the direction they were going
-constant awareness of their position and making corrections

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