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Keto 2.0 System: the 3rd Secret -Zen and the Art of Keto. -Upgrade




1- Open (Apple Watch to X-Sport SpaceJumper -the Power of Intention to Steer… Intention is not Excitement)

>>Willpower Muscle: Limited [see sec 1 below…]

2- Dialogue
>>Story (Nektarios)
– -new info (Plato –> smallest element: virtue)
–whats in it for me?
3- Summary 
–{Process Focused Approach, Thinking Woman’s Keto} [Servo Mechanism; Success Mechanism; Expansion; –> via Visualization & Breath]
–embed CTA
4- Mini-Lesson 1&2
–Being Unaware of this will hurt your results. (1 -RAS & Gratitude; 2 -Goal Fusion)
5- Fun Close, Next Promise
–next steps
-links and helpful stuff

–link to and list in separate post articles

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Should have saved the Red Pill, Blue Pill reference for this discussion… There really is a matrix. It was discovered by .. maltz…

Secret #3: Will power does not work (very well)
(the Ultimate Technique to Get Insane Results)

Jedi mind tricks… 
Creating starts from within

I. Will Power Muscle
-not what we are talking about

II. Motivation Muscle
-Also not what we are talking about 

III. the Blue Pill: This is where IT is at
>How do you?  Strong willed?
-This is Limitless

>1 minute Apple Watch Meditation
>the results to expect
>build a mental construct… 
-connecting with it
-It just happens/ the experience/ your performance


5 Healthy High Fat Keto Meals to Kickstart Your Diet



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1. Avacado
>the Unripe Avocado Hack
2. Ranch
3. Eggs
4. Cream Cheese
5. MCT Oil

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3 Proven, Breakthrough Secrets in the Keto 2.0 System



1 Simple Formula

Keto Competency + Adequate Consistency = KetoBody Results

Keto 2.0 has everything & there is nothing else you will need. There is nothing else that compares. You don’t need to use or master all of these, but within just the Full Access, Free Portion of Keto 2.0, you will discover:

  • the 3 Secrets to Fast and Dramatic Keto Transformation
  • Step by Step Strategy & Plan Tips to Implement the 3 Secrets
  • Exercise hacks so that you can have shorter, more effective workouts, without ever having to go to the gym. Imaging getting a better that the equivalent of a 1 hour gym workout from your living room in less than 10 minutes.
  • a Battery Powered HITT Machine so that you can burn more calories than actual HIIT while watching TV. How awesome is that?
  • that 5 Mistakes that many peoples chances of sustained Keto Transformation 

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Keto Solution Guides

Keto 2.0. The 1st Secret to Keto Hacking: Crazy-Fast & Easy Way to a 10x Beach Body Transformation -full; -UPGRADE



The #1 Single Most Important Secret to Every Astonishing Keto Transformation

What if there was a strategy and system to take the hard work and guess work out of starting your keto diet and rapidly getting the lean, svelte body you deserve. And yes, a beach body result is not just possible, but it will be relatively easy with the Keto 2.0 approach to your keto fitness program.

So, at long last, Keto 2.0 is here.
Keto 2.0 is a method to give you 10x the results by putting in just a fraction of the work. Keto 2.0 is a simple, easy to implement method that creates a Synergistic Condition (i.e. think of the math behind 1 + 1 = 3). This Synergy will put you in the drivers seat and makes it hard for you to not get fast and amazing Keto Beach Body Results.

Stop Guessing, Learn how to ‘play Keto to win’-
Keto 2.0 will remove the need for you to figure out what works. You will also learn what doesn’t work, and you will learn how to easily spot any Keto gimmick nonsense so that you don’t waste precious time or effort.

Ready to Crank Up Your Beach Body Getting?
Do you want to know how to start a keto diet for Fast & Remarkable Results. And if you’re already getting good results with keto this will not only take it up a notch, but it will make things a lot easier.

You are in the right place.
Keto 2.0 is going to blow your mind. The method is based on a frameworks used by record breaking super athletes and modern day pioneers & explorers. This is the magic win sauce that the best of the best are using to crush records in human achievement in a wide range of sports, arts and sciences. This will turbo charge your fitness outcomes no matter who you are.

The best way to get you started right away is to have you chat with 3 pioneers sometime referred to as the Ketonauts. Our 3 Ketonauts just happen to be headed to cocktail hour right this moment. Lets meet them and get you filled in on a few pretty powerful secrets…

3 World Class Experts -the Ketonauts, Share 3 Critical Keto Secrets…

So a Physicist, a Greek Philosopher, and a Pro Sports Trainer walk into a bar…

No joke actually. These 3 super-fit trailblazers just walked into a quaint downtown bar. And, these guys –the Ketonauts, are the high performance pioneers I wanted you to meet. You would expect to be smart, but something else also stands out -they are jacked… oddly enough all 3 of these middle aged guys look like fitness models. They’re not gym rats or super disciplined dieters, nor are they shy about downing their cocktails, so how do they do it?

Do they have a secret?
Yes, the Ketonauts do have a secret (or Three Big Secrets actually). And, if you can listen and apply dilligently the information in those 3 Secrets are going to propel you to easily attain your beach body in no time flat.

Let’s join our ‘Keto 3 Horsemen’ for a round. I’ll introduce you. And you can pick their brains and see what they have to say about Turbo-Charging your quest to a six pack body. Such luck that we can randomly run into this sort of mental horsepower, so let’s celebrate this opportunity and use this cocktail hour to find out the Secrets they know about easily achieving Keto Mega Success.

Who are the ‘3 Keto Horsemen’?
is a physicist -his speciality is in understanding chain reactions and system efficiency.
Collin is a Sports Trainer -he trains the best and understands how to train people to perform at best and get record breaking results.
Nektarios is from the Greek Isles and is a writer who truly understands the ‘art of living’. Nektarios teaches philosophy at University.

Let’s talk to Enrico first -he is the physicist. The first secret has its foundation in physics and we’re probably going to lose Enrico soon because a very Newtonian Law is probably soon going to draw him from his current seat and over there, right next to the cute brunette siting alone at the bar.

The ONE CRITICAL THING to FOCUS on if you want Radical, Incredible Keto Results…

As we walk up, Enrico is downing a dirty martini -the preferred adult beverage of Italian Physicists apprarently…

Enrico may mention some scientific terms… things like Critical Mass, Acceleration, Efficiency, and Tipping Point may come up. Don’t worry too much about that.

Enrico’s 2 minutes spiel is just needed so that you can understand the big picture and the principles behind what are going to get you some pretty splendid results. Not having a basic understanding of this from the get go is one of the biggest causes for failure for most people. After that, Collin and Nektarios are really the one’s we want to talk to for the simple rundown on what to do.

Keto Secret #1 is Written on this Napkin…
Enrico is from Portofino, and was named after another famous classical Italian Physicist.

On any given evening after 8pm his weakness is a nicely bruised botanically scented gin martini, and svelte brunettes -coincidentally also finely botanically scented.

I told the guys you were coming.
As you walk up to the table, Enrico hands you this napkin…

You: Cheers, oddly enough, I’m told you and your two buddies here at the table have some insights that might be useful to my fitness program. Have a minute?

Enrico: Ciao! [English: Hello!] I know what will help your efforts. Cominciamo! [English: Lets get started!] Yes, right, so for your endeavor, you should keep a few physical laws in mind, … Absolutely the most important concept! Seek & Leverage ‘Keto Critical Mass’.
You: What is keto critical mass? And what does that have to do with getting lean?
Enrico: It has everything to do. Critical Mass describes where Accelerated and Amplified Results happen. You want to understand where that tipping point is, and then focus only on the few things that have the most potent impact on keeping you above that point and getting easy results.

You: Okay, you have my attention…
Enrico: Critical mass the the point where a chain reaction happens and things just catch on fire. We describe that state where a keto chain reaction is sustained as Deep Ketosis. At critical mass & in a state of deep ketosis the chain reaction will do the work for you.
You: Interesting, got it, Deep Ketosis is the target to aim for.

Enrico: Yes, in Deep Ketosis, the work you put in is amplified and your metabolism is turned into a far burning furnace. That is the beauty of keto that most do not understand. Combine Deep Ketosis with a calorie deficit and voila you are on a fast track to lean beach body. That is why Keto can be so easy for some people whether through accident or by acquiring enough of the right skill and competency.

You: So how do I know I’m in Deep Ketosis and the chain reaction is doing the work for me? And what do I need to do to get results?
Enrico: First, your greatest tool is measurement. I use this simple machine to measure. [he pulls a keto meter from his sports coat pocket, and explains how to find to if you are in a deep state of ketosis] Second, you must think of your endeavor as an experiment, and you need to remember that you should never use too may knobs in an experiment. Not measuring or trying to Calibrate with too many knobs are both a guaranteed recipe for failure.

You: Okay, so this is all great, but tell me exactly what I’m to do to take advantage for the chain reaction and Deep Keto and all that? And knobs, what in the world are knobs?

Enrico: One minute no, I must attend to Bella donna (the cute lady) at bar.. I must go, but Remember This! -You must know that you are above Critical Mass and you must measure. Measure, Measure, Measure. And of course use your measurement to Calibrate. If you do nothing but pay attention to that, you will be wildly successful with your Keto Fitness Result very quickly.
You: Got it, but what are my exact next steps again?

Enrico: I just gave you the most important principles if you want to find wild success with your Keto. The things I introduced you to will give you the perfect framework that will guid you in building your meal plan, exercise routine and everything else. I leave you to Collin and Nektarios for the strategy and tactics. Putting in knobs, they are the experts on that, that is their area. I must go. Ciao!
[…we appear to have lost our physicist to svelte brunette perched at the bar. She apparently checks all of Enrico’s desired boxes. And at the moment, it seems to be going well]

[…meanwhile back at our table, Collin picks up the discussion]-
Collin: Yea mate, let me unpack that for you. Enrique may be a while. And besides that, Enrico is the theory guy, Nektarious and I are better able to take it from here. The two of us deal with cranking up performance and dealing with the human condition.
You: So that Critical Mass, measure, calibrate -what do I do with that, how do I make the things you Ketonauts are talking about work for me? And what are my next steps?

Nektarios: Well first, the big picture. The formula for Wild Massive Keto Beach Body Success is this:
Extreme Keto Competency + Sustainable Consistency = Rapid Keto Beach Body Transformation
Lets talk about the first part -Extreme Keto Competency over this next round of drinks. We can help you create a personal Keto Plan and Strategy that gives you rapid & wild keto beach body success with moderate to minimal effort on your part.
Collin: Then after that we can discuss Consistency. That is the focus of Ketonaut Secrets #2 & #3. Human beings are breaking all kind of records from the extreme athlete who skydived from edge of space to Space X itself that has in a short time redefined the possibility of manned space travel. This quickning of human innovation is called the Bannister Effect. There are reasons behind why this is happening and we will crack that open for you so that you can use it to your own personal benefit.

You: Ketonauts, I’m in, Let’s do this! What now?
Collin: Yeah, back to Secret #1. Secret # 1 is really about Extreme Competency. Let’s talk about how you can make the rubber meets the road with Secret #1 to build your meal plan, exact keto strategy, and calibrate yourself to a Keto Beach Body.
Nektarios: We’ll give you the simple how, why, & what. And you can even get started, straight away -if you like. You bring the heart, and we’ll bring everything else and light the way.

You: Sweet, I’m ready.
Collin: So what you need to keep in mind at the get-go is that Keto is an interesting approach to fitness. Its about acceleration, that what makes a keto based approach special. For spectacular success with Keto, what you need to do is…
[the waitress brings the next round, and the discussion continues…]

**Such a great discussion. Below is a summary of all of the insights our Ketonauts passed on about Ketonaut Secret #1. Discussion on Ketonaut Secrets #2 & #3 is picked up in subsequent article posts.

Secret #1: Leverage Keto Critical Mass (Measure & Calibrate )

Did you notice? Ketonauts dig diagrams and pictures to explain from. They keep drawing on napkins…
And then as they explain the light bulbs go off…

The discussion with Collins and Nektarios continued and they gave you an exact framework for creating Powerful Quick Ketonaut Body Results. The conversation centered around first a diagram that Nektarios
drew out and then later on in the discussion, Collins pulls out a pen and wrote out a simple checklist to give us a simple system to make sure we are able to leverage to our great advantage the principles of Keto Critical Mass that Enrico first shared with us:

First, here is the Diagram that Nektarios shared with us:

Nektarios Explains how to have control over your Beach Body result with the diagram above…

Nektarios explained: Only a handful of things matter for parabolic “Mind-blowing’ Keto results, and you should wisely spend your valuable focus and attention on those. The things that matter and deserve attention are the things that the Ketonauts call Keto Critical Mass knobs. A predictable failure point for most non-Ketonauts is that they don’t respect the fact that their time and focus is in fact a valuable and limited resource, and they spend that precious attention and time without a level of purpose or intention needed for great, sustainable Keto Body results.

Ketonauts are wildly successful for a reason, they discern between the Critical Knobs that really matter and drop everything else. The diagram Nektarios drew explains why this is truly important, and how this separates Ketonaut Beach Body Results from every other hit or miss approaches to Keto.

Ketonaut Tip: Your Focus, Time, and Attention is a valuable and limited resource. Be intentional with your Time and Attention, Choose to Focus intently on Keto Critical Knobs. If its not on the diagram, give yourself the high performance boosting gift of leaving it from your daily itinerary. Aside from not competency sustaining keto levels and a calorie d is not only becasue they aren’t [MN Link: More Here]

After that Collin gave us this simple plan to put all of the principels in Ketonaut Secret #1 to work for us-

Ketonaut Pre-Flight Checklist (aka -the Critical Knobs):
1 >Written Meal Plan -Start Basic and Build Slowly
2 >Journal your Keto Level, & Your Results and Calibrate
3 >Identify Leaks, & Build Keto Aware Habits
4 >Develop a Supportive Personal Keto Ecosystem
5 >Hack You Ability to Perform with Extreme Consistency

Deep Keto 101:
the Keto Meter…

Measurement is Needed for Victory
Picture: Keto. Vs. Any Other Diet
   (Jet vs. Rowboat)

Ketonaut Boot Camp: Ketonauts are like Jet Fighter Pilots— 
Planes these days fly themselves. But, you need to know how to fuel up, take off and crank on the Afterburner.
Modern day jet fighters leverage innovation and cutting edge technology. Ketonauts leverage the same things.

While there is plenty of training to learn how to fly a modern jet, people wanting to crush it with keto or who are already crushing it, it is often a guessing game. Thats why the Keto 2.0 Method was developed.

The training you need to make sure your Keto Flies is what we’re going to cover in the 7 Day Ketonaut Challenge. 

You can sign up here.

The Ketonaut Flight Manual
Fuel -> Meal Plan
Afterburner —
     –right amount of air and fuel and ignition

Flight Plan
–read the instruments and intentionally steer your vehicle where you need it to go
-As a ketonaut, your do this with a few Knobs:
>Simple Adjustment to Macro’s
>Calorie Deficits and Exercise

Flight Plan — like meal Plan…
-fly by wire, also need intention, skill (from practice), and to build sense memory.

Keto 2.0: Get to Keep Keto and then Measure, Measure, Measure

There are just a few knobs that you need mind…
-Measure and Steer to Deep Keto
-Simple Plan, Understanding Step Sequence and Tweak for Success
-90/10 Focus

## -Develop Sense Memory
## -Develop Skill and Habit

The nice thing about Keto is that there are only a few things you need to dial in order to get to that point of Critical Mass where results just happen quickly and effortlessly.

Why does this matter? (Sports Trainer & Philosopher)
You need to understand where the tipping point is and easy breezy, casually stay there…
() Sense Memory… Channel Focus… 7 digits in a phone number

The Ketonaut Pledge: Serve with Intention and Without Reservation.
In that spirit… each of these sharing sessions also has a section where you can take away valuabel insights for consideration into your own diet and fitness plan. We’d be honored for you to visit us at Ketonaut HQ, but even if you cant make it I want to make sure I’ve given you plenty take aways to help empower your Quest to Crush Your Keto Goals. Without Further Adieu: Theory into Action…

Theory into Action…

Being Unaware of THIS will hurt your results..

To have the level of success we are talking about , you need to know the knobs to turn to hit that magic point where your body just melts Fat.

The 90-10 Rule. Keep in mind: There are only a few things You want to focus on just We’ll point out the most common and impactful pitfalls to avoid in a minute.

The picture below describes why some people fail with Keto (and many other goals and fitness programs for that matter), and why a small percentage not only do well, but absolutely crush it.
Vector Diagram
Stated another way:
Secret #1 is this -Narrow your Focus to onlyt those essential things that give your Parabolic Returns on your… Sweat Equity.


Collin and Nektarios had several other incredible and innovative things taht they shared about Ketonaut Secret #1. A brain dump of the key Takeaways can be found here.

Now, without further delay -Secret #2 is here


1- Open
2- Dialogue
– -new info
–whats in it for me?
3- Summary
–Process Focused Approach, Thinking Woman’s Keto
–embed CTA
4- Mini-Lesson 1&2
–Being Unaware of this will hurt your results
5- Fun Close, Next Promise
–next steps
-links and helpful stuff

–link to and list in separate post articles

The End…

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