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Keto 2.0- Secret #2: Steal These Tactics & Success Hacks From Elite Athletes -Upgrade

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Secret #2: Consistency is the second part of the Keto 2.0 Secret Sauce. Consistency can be Hacked. Making consistency a non-issue will make a MASSIVE Difference in getting the Transformational Results you want.

>>Winning Mouse…


-Intro: Rise of Super-athlete
— innovation has led to parabolic recordbreaking possibilities
—what this means for you
-example and takeaway (sample)
–do this, not that
–compare/contrast: which would you rather
–Call to Action
–Dialogue, and Segway, Loop (more samples-high level/bullet copy form)

Keto 101 – 3 Things Every Massive Successful Keto Hacker Should Be Told You Before You Started

I. High level Summary
Keto Lever…
>>Personal Effectiveness… look to high performers in all fields…. Here is how they operate… 

Straight from the Training

II. The Keto Lever {Graphic}

Steal This Tactic Straight from the Training Programs Used by Elite Athletes

>Process Based
-Growth. -go into Detail
-Process is Primary

Play Keto Like ‘Tiger Woods, Not Tin Cup’

the Measurement Mindset

I. Intro
B1) There’s something… Extreme Competency… Keto is a Lever… Hand on the right…. There are 3 things… What if your to far to the left? forget about it… going no where fast. In the next 3 minutes you will… 

Today Im going to show you the Big Secrets… to making sure your get an Amazing Keto Transformation in 90 days or less. This (Remarkable thing) is something that some of the smartest Keto Hackers do, but the average Keto Joe thinks is beneath them. If you take a few minutes to take care of this now, it will pay off in droves… even have a clue about when they first started. With an awareness of this though, you will be able to CRUSH IT in less time than you even thought possible.

II. Why
III. How -Implementing it

>Process Based Mindset
-not fixed, growth mindset

What does using this look like?

I. Intro
TR). One you’ve implemented these few simple to implement but Hyper Potent Tricks, you will never go back.

II. Examples -Contrast
Choose: Red Pill or Blue Pill:
How to fail at keto….
How to win at keto… 

III. Call to Action
Bonus). [Bonus Block] If you’d like to see how I: 1. set up Keto Hackers for … 2. Identify my top… 3. Advertise my 2 highest converting…  Grab a Free Copy of my…

IV. Close and Conclusion
HD). Most Keto programs are unfortunately short-sited. Keto hacking is about innovating your diet, fitness and lifestyle to ________. Whether you want to ____, ____, ____, Keto 2.0 will ______Transformative Result…. What’s in it for you.

V. OLoop
The Most Important Habit… Winning
-the winning mouse story… 
-takeaway: gratitude moment every morning
—my experience 

“That which you can measure, you can improve.”
WordPress Developer


What ___ Keto Hacker.

1 DS P6_). What does your Keto Hacker want more than anything else? Ideal KH wants certainty that they possess a skillset to create transformational assets that will grow their results with predictability

1DS P11)). Reasons Why they chose this offer…

How would your Keto Hacker explain the ‘reasons why’ they chose your offer over your competition? (think from a value/benefits perspective) We choose to buy the Keto 2.0 program instead of any other Keto program because it was the fastest step-by-step process i could find. There are a lot of cheaper copywriting trainings and thare a a lot or trainings from experts whove helped businesses generate millions in sales BUT what spoke to me was that Augie had worked with people just like me.


Underground Keto Guide



the Concise Guide to Astonishing, Fast and Pain Free Keto Body Results

The Secret to Real Fast Keto Results No One Talks About

Want to go from where you are now -whatever your level of success to results even better than what you realize is possible right now?

You are about to get a FREE GUIDE that will forever Impact how you think and operate with diet and fitness. You will have something uniquely powerful that only a few people are even aware of. And with this, you will be able to hack your ideal body shape incredible fast and effortlessly.

But first…
Lets talk about a mistake a lot of people make before they even start their Keto Programs… Its a simple fix if your aware, so that you can avoid falling into the trap.

Get started now
If I had one piece of Keto advice to give, its this: Start NOW… The best time is NOW.

It been shown beyond a shadow of a doubt that Meditation can drastically improve your performance. A lot of people realize that they get better and better results with things when they start meditating.  

That’s the now effect at work. A good meditation will pull you into operating from a mental construct and position that that in reality, there is no past, and there is no future, there is only now. That is the only place a person can really operate from. In the present there is only Now. 

Once a person consciously realizes that they can only operate from now, things just start to work. There is unlimited power in Now. Now is the most powerful place you can operate from. 

A step-by-step way to get grounded in the now part of this Keto Forum program, if you want to use it. You dont need to.

But, being aware of Now Effect, the simplest thing to keep in mind, is that you can click on the button below, and go through 3 Simple Exercises that take 10 minutes each and have a Potent, Proven Keto System dialed in and working for you. So, for those of you that want great results, feel free to click the button and get started.

The Launch Code
Books aren’t a great way to jump right into something Now. 
Neither are long videos or search engines.

For the for her, him, with bold intention of shaping their dream body in 90 days or less. Of using Now to get a Transformative Keto Body result.

This is for you. This if for Ketonauts.

That’s why this article was created. And why this blog exists. 
If you’re reading this right now, you’ve discovered the launch codes for a Ketonaut’s journey. The button below is for you.

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Keto 102 -the Ultimate Keto CheatSheet

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Keto 2.0. The 1st Secret to Keto Hacking (archive)




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The #1 Single Most Important Secret to Every Astonishing Keto Transformation

Qubely – A Full-fledged Gutenberg Builder

There is ONE CRITICAL THING that you need to know & acknowledge at the start if you want Absolutely Incredible Keto Results.

What if there was a strategy and system to take the hard work and guess work out of getting rapid better body and even beach body results from your keto fitness program. At long last, Keto 2.0 is here. Keto 2.0 is a super simple, easy to implement, hyper potent plan that makes it hard to not get amazing results and removes the need to figure out what works, what doesn’t work and what is just nonsense.

Advanced Text Block

. . .

Click Below - Join the New Keto Revolution:

Secret #1: Focus Keto Critical Mass

{Critical Mass Graphic: above CM: Deep Keto/Fat torch; Below CM: so-so to weak results (i.e. results that don’t stick)}

Picture: The formula for keto broken down

Do you have just a minute? Good, then This article and the included exercises will help you put together a clear roadmap and personalized meal plan for massive Keto 2.0 Success in 20 to 30 minutes.

The Keto 2.0 Method is designed to help you overcome the obstacles that come with trying to figure out how to crush it with Keto. This simple system helps produce enviable beach body results rapidly, and then sustain those results without any struggle. Getting this requires 3 things {… CM. B/B/B. A.A. {Prom}} 1. Extreme Competency, 2. Consistency, 3. Relentless Intention.

This first discussion is going to take care of the Competency. The foundational system & meal plan you are about to steal will make sure you aren’t making any mistakes that most people never get past and that you have the right kind of momentum in your favor.

Not only that, but the followup discussion in the next Keto 2.0 Entries will put the same high octane tools and secrets that pro athletes and elite performers & soldiers use to accomplish Super Human Feats. These tool and tactics have been simplified and help you tap into resources you probably never even realized you had available and waiting for you.
The Power of Habit
Some people have the advantage of naturally good habits or habits that they have developed that help them get results. This system is going to help you develop powerful Fitness Habits. Not only that, but its going to be simplet step by step and be a lot easier than any other approach (including what you may be doing now)

For most people, myself included, good fitness habits can be hard to develop and sustain as the daily demands of modern life sneaks up. It can be a challenge.

It can be a mixed bag. You… benefit; More about that (/broader habits) p2. & p3… But for right now just now this … the Keto 2.0 Meal Plan is designed with a foundation of basic Keto & Fitness habits. And, the tools and secrets in the next parts of Keto 2.0 will give you some tools to easily and powerfullly fortify those habits and permanently engrain them.

the Trajectory: Sustained Keep Ketosis
But, the one think to keep in mind for now is this… The approach descrived in the next few paragraphs… is meant to make sure you arent making mistakes. By using the approach you are also removign the need for willpower and eliminating the situations that cause most people to fail. This approach will not only ground you in extreme competency, but also has built in/ lay the structure for unbreakable habits that eliminate the need for will power.

the Keto Engine that Drives Everything: the Keto 2.0 Meal Plan & Winning Habits
        -Your Meal Plan is the Engine that powers your results. You meal plan should have 2 primary objectives:
            i. Create Ketosis  ii. Create Fat Burn through calorie deficit & winning habits

-Your Meal Plan should:
>be simple & support extreme keto competency
>work with your brains ability to perform and organize
>be something that is built upon
-Your Meal Plan should not:
>be random
>lack the ability to calibrate, be complex

Engine is meant to move you from point A to Point B. In order for an engine to take you anywhere… 
            >engines need to be efficient enough to create movement. Otherwise you go no where
                >>critical mass describes the level of minimum efficiency that is needed for good results

If you want Stellar Keto Results, your meal plan will be built around this simple concept:
    {{Critical Mass VV}}

Everything you need to know about Crushing it with Keto is in the drawing above. Lets take a minute to break it down and give you the few key takeaways your can use right away.

Quick note: Understand if what you are doing is working of if you need to adjust is important. If you dont alreay have one, a Keto Blowstick I highly recommended (see below). You can also use the urine strips available at any pharmacy, but be warned -they are messy, and time consuming.
[Keto Blowstick Graphic]

We’ll cover exactlyt how to measure and calibrate your Keto Tactics shortly. This is somethign that most people dont do, and it ultimately costs them what could otherwise be great results.

A lot of approaches to starting Keto… That is a recipe for failure and something to stay far clear of.

If you want incredible results with Keto, this is how you should think about your meal plan.
Your meal plan should be built around the goal of attaining and keeping above Critical Mass:
    i. ii. 

What is the purpose of a meal plan?


Charcteristics of a Potent Meal Plan:
The absolute first thing that everyone wanting Fantastic Results with Keto needs is an Effective Meal Plan. And for it to work like Keto Fat Burning Blowtorch, this meal plan must be Intentional, Personal, and Pre-determined.

When you think of a meal plan, you should think about plan that supports Deep Ketosis & Winning Habits.

I. Pre-determined & Calibrated 
–channel capacity
II. Personalized
–your body and mind are unique; does not mean because I am x/y/z, I have it harder…
iii. Intentional
–Process Based…


I’ve seen statistics that 95% of people who attempt to get in shape fail. With the method you are picking up here, you have an unfair advantage over these people. The first thing you need is the engine that will drive your Super Massive Transformational Results. This engine is the meal plan strategy you are about to discover.

A 95% Failure Rate may at first seem like a pretty stunning. But if you look at how quickly gym crowd size goes from Full Capacity to Near Empty only 3 or 4 week after New Years, you can get a pretty clear idea of how it goes for the vast majority of the well meaning and determined.

And we’re not just talking about people who give up easy. This includes heaps of really sharp, talented people, many of whom have been athletic and may even have good fitness acumen & resilience. This statistic included me at one point in time not so long ago.

With Keto and Intermittent Fasting now ‘Mainstream’, lot of people now have initial bursts of success, even dramatic success. But, these most often short lived or hardly ever sustained for the long run (or even the medium run). Even the average to fit yo-yo. If you want to that’s fine, but this method is to give you a choice and a powerful tool to put you in the drivers stean and have complete control.

Above flabors of not fully crushing it/This doesn’t have to be the case. If you are looking a rapid and incredible results, you are in the right place. As we have talked about already this is the Forumla to a Killer Keto Transformation:
Sustained Deep Keto + Calorie Deficit = Incredible Physique Transformation

The reason your KETO 2.0 Meal Plan is so important is because the whole process needs to be powered by extreme keto competency. This Extreme Competency needs to be engineered into your meal plan. And not just a generic keto meal plan. You need to keep in mind some specific and not entirely obvious parameters that support Deep Ketosis.

The Rapid Fat Melting Process cannot start unless you are in Sustained Deep Keto. Gaps and mis-fires will stop your transformation in its tracks and negate the great work you have put in.

[Move to end] Why should I create a Keto 2.0 Meal Plan, when I can just find or buy a meal plan?
We all need to get good at…. for several reasons. The first one is … Potency. 2nd – Speed; 3rd –
The second one is…
The third one is…

The Wining Keto Meal Plan Approach: Be the Keto-naut, not the Keto PHD.

Assemble Your Keto-

Pencil drawing of Don Quixote

“I suggest you gentleman figure out how to fit a Square Peg in a Round Hole… Rapidly”

— Don Quixote

One of Your Big Advantages: the Progression of the Technology

Qubely blocks is added to the Gutenberg editor as soon as you install the plugin. You can start using it as any other Gutenberg block. Add ready blocks using the plus sign where you’ll find a new section of blocks under the Qubely icon.

Time to Assemble a high probability Moon Shot. Tenets:
1. Knob 1: High Fat, Knob 2: Exercise,
2. Mission Control we are tracking… Aim for a 4-5
3. Show your work. To yourself and your fellow Keto-nauts

[Remove?]. A salesman may try to sell you everything

Lesson to a mentee…

I suggest you gentlemen figure out a way to put a Square Peg in a round hole….Rapidly.

As you know, burning fat from your body depends on being in DEEP KETOSIS.
[[Picture of Deep Ketosis and FAT Burn vs Light Keto and Fat Burn]]

The planning above and paying attention to critical mass…
vs. What not to pay attention to: junk info, infotainment, crazy idea groups/the latest craze,…
[VV Graphic]

In a State of Deep Ketosis:

  • Your body torches FAT as it primary source of Fuel
  • Any calorie deficits, come from the Fat Reserves on Your Body
  • Getting lean becomes an inevitable outcome (if you do just a few things right)

{Next Section}


What is Keto 2.0? Keto 2.0 Masterclass is about What are the 3 biggest results your offer can help a person achieve? 1MM in sales sales for your business, step by step process that can be created in 1 day for writing an entire ad that sells, Anyone can learn this skill set
1. Rapid Body TRansformation
2. step by step process… that you can be created in 1 day for writing an entire program that sells, Anyone can learn this skill set… (growth **)
3. Next Level broken down and made easy…; Not probable success but, Inevitable success

Part 1: step by step process that can be created
Part 2 & 3 will make sure you… the barriers and mistakes that… \

But first, lets talk about… the first step…

Apollo 13 Quote…
Square Peg in a Round Hole….
“Let’s work the problem people. Let’s not make things worse by guessing.”
We’re on step 3, thats like step 365…

–Buffer Below–

Power Keto: Starting with Extreme Competency

Ben Johnson…
-became the worlds fastest man… unique style; jumping out of the gate
-controversy,… ; what was lost though was… learned through experience. Tightness ruined…
-proper training, proper understanding & proper technique

Human performance has changed in much the same way. We’ve seen (high altitude parajump), … Rise of Superman… Standing on the shoulders of giants, records are being broken and… If you need some inspiration or some perspective, really great read. Bottom line…

I have not idea on how to tell you how to sprint, high altitude parajump… but I can tell you a thingk or two about getting amazing results with Keto.

In the world of personal fitness, the same is happening. Keto and Innovative Physical Training have normalized rapid & dramatic body transformations. From heavy to slim or chubby to beach body in no tie flat. In addition to Keto… Bannister Effect: I want to show you how to run a 6 or 7 minute mile, but with keto.

But, for every before and after there is… a Chris the Engineer or Mindy the Pharmacist… super willing, super eager, super dilligent, but getting mixed results.

My Story… I started strong right out of the gate… but… hard earned…

{H3} the Keto Lever
Keto is… [1 sentence]…. That is all you really need to know about the science of keto. Anything more is useless and probably counter productive. What is useful for anyone that wants to maximize and spped their Keto Transfomraiont is learning about proper training, proper understanding & proper technique. In other works, learning how to properly apply Keto to achieve your personal situation is what is important.
i. Proper Training -Extreme Competency
ii. Proper Understanding -of your body Chemistry and Process
iii. Proper Technique -Adjusting and Executing, Inner Game and Outer Mechanics…

B1) There’s something… Extreme Competency… Keto is a Lever… Hand on the right…. There are 3 things… What if your to far to the left? forget about it… going no where fast. In the next 3 minutes you will…

-the difference in position transforms near impossible to inevitable success

i. Proper Training -The one thing that every rapid Keto Transformation has in common. Potent Keto Results are built on: 
    Sustained Deep Ketosis 
+ii. Proper Understanding
+iii. Proper Technique

TT) Today Im going to show you the Big Secrets… to making sure your get an Amazing Keto Transformation in 90 days or less. This is something that every smart Keto Hackers needs to clue into before going parabolic… about when they first started. Unless you have Expert Guidance,… you had to work through a learning curve…

With an awareness of this though, you will be able to CRUSH IT in less time than you even thought possible.

Here is what we are going to do…
–Foundational Meal Plan….
>>not leaving it to chance

(V) –Process Based Keto:
V.i. Reducing Errors & Leaks; Portion Control and Sufficient Keto Burn…

V.i –Measurement….
>>targeting progress

TR) Sustained Keto results are not Random. One you’ve implemented these few simple to implement but Hyper Potent Tricks, you wlback.

Pr). Callout

TOC).Keto 2.0 Overview; i. the Keto 2.0 Secret ii. Keto 2.0: Rogue Keto -the Exact Keto Hacker Formula iii. Keto 2.0: How to Effortlessly 10X Your Keto Transformation Results in Half the Time or Less

Qubely – A Full-fledged Gutenberg Builder

Advanced Text Block

HD). Most Keto programs are unfortunately short-sited. Keto hacking is about innovating your diet, fitness and lifestyle to ________. Whether you want to ____, ____, ____, Keto 2.0 will ______Transformative Result…. What’s in it for you.

Part 2-Buffer Above

Keto 2.0 Takeaways –
Here’s a running list of the most important things to know about getting Insane Results with Keto-

Keto 2.0 Part 1:
Meal Plan:
>Understand the power of an Established, Keto Competent Foundational Meal Plan
>Macro Calibration -Understand any potential Carb Leaks and how to spot them quickly
>Foundational Meal Plan -Create a quick and simple meal plan that you know get and keeps you in Keto.

Next up…

K2.0 -(2)
>Measurement & Calibration
>Productivity Hacking (see notes)

K2.0 -(3)
>Inner Game of Keto: Mindset + Meditation. 

Keto 101 -Measurement is your greatest tool (Part 1 of 3)
Keto 101 -Meal Plan for the Win (Part 2 of 3)


Tell your viewer exactly what they need to do at this point… Outline the choice to them: 1. Stay where you are now (undesirable situation) or 2. advance to their desired situation (by investing with you) Make it crystal clear what they need to do to take the next step Visual: What does it look like when someone invests with you and gets to their desired situation? i.e. show healthy people who are super muscular. Help them visualize what success in their eyes feels like


Qubely blocks is added to the Gutenberg editor as soon as you install the plugin. You can start using it as any other Gutenberg block. Add ready blocks using the plus sign where you’ll find a new section of blocks under the Qubely icon.

move? #2 —Advanced Text Block

The Secret to Superhuman Keto: Consistency Critical Mass + Consistency (stack on) = Insane Results

Part 2: Keto Body Hacking: Secret to “Superhuman” Transformation
1. Intro: Planning Tomorrow Today + 90 Day Plan (built in)
2. Plan Hacking
3. Exercise Hacking
4. Workshop Consistency ‘Wooden Quote [Fundamentals] If you want great results, here’s the big thing you need to keep in mind: Consistency is Critical

Emotions: pain —You can know exactly what to do. And, you can put in all of the hard work and that is definitely needed. But gaps in consistency will steal your results. Most people dont do well in the long run with Keto. There are some very simple reasons for that.
* Relapse into poor habits * Self image * Plan * …Motivation *

OL on bullet points #1/2… Short info about part 2 on why planning tomorrow today works…
-builds the expectation in your brain 90 Day Year… built into challenge…

Claim: Here is what you should do to guarantee success… Btw, its built into our system… but, regardless of whether you roll w us, here are some things that will level you up…
KeyNotes… >Organize Tomorrow Today >90 Day Year…

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