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3 Proven, Breakthrough Secrets in the Keto 2.0 System



The devil in the details…

Astonishing and Fast Results with Keto should be normal. The reasons people get anything other than Smashing Results comes down to a few things. They’re not complicated, if you know a few things.

For most people, it all comes down to a few Mistakes in Understanding:
1. How to Make Keto work, and
2. Understanding how to think about your relationship to food and your metabolism

Armed with just a little knowledge about how to best approach the two things above, you can form a personal strategy so that consistency is not difficult or an issue.

1 Simple Formula

Deep Ketosis + Consistency = Rapid KetoBody Results

Above is the general formula. To get great results, first, get yourself in a State of Maintained Deep Ketosis, then Run a Calorie Deficit for Several Weeks. That’s all it takes to melt fat. Deep Ketosis means that your body is highly fat adapted and easily burns fat for fuel. More on that in a minute.

If only it were that simple.
It is that simple, but unless you know a few things, it may not be simple. In fact, it’s going to be an increasingly futile exercise that ends poorly.

There’s a story about a master engineer called in to fix a steam ship engine that was grinding and seizing up. After talking to the ship captain and crew for 5 minutes, he went to the boiler room, looked around and took notice at the layout, sights and sounds of engine as it pumped.

He then took out a small hammer from his overalls and tapped a shiny valve one time. Almost immediately the engine came to life and started purring along working like new.

The ship owner was sent a bill for $1000, and was enraged -the whole repair only took 15 minutes.
The engineer sent an itemized bill:
For tapping the valve $.50
For knowing where to tap: $999.50

Lets talk about where to tap.
Secret #1: Focus Everything You Do on a Deep Level of Ketosis
If you remove carbs & lower protein from your diet, and increase healthy fats, your body is going to start using Fat for energy instead of sugar and carbs. The better your body has adapted to burning fat for energy, the deeper your level of Ketosis.

Ketonauts that know where to tap, they focus on their level of keto.

They gain a sense of how to get into deep level of keto by observing how their metabolism interacts with their Macro’s. Macro’s (or Macronutrients) refers to the percentage of Carbs to Protein to Fat your have in your diet. Higher levels of Healthy Fats promote Higher Levels of Ketosis. And, Higher Levels of Ketosis leads to more effective & faster BodyFat Loss.

{Picture: Keto Meter}

Ketonaut Field Manual #1: the Basic Strategy
Step 1: Dial in a Low Carb Meal Plan
Step 2: Get Ketometer, and Figure out the Carb Count that allows you to get into Deep Ketosis

This is the Ketometer I use-

You can also use a urine strip, but its more difficult, take more time and all around just a pain to do.

What is Deep Ketosis & Why Should You Care?

What is Keto Competency? For Effortless and Predictable Results, what should you focus on?
You should know how much body fat that you are going to take off in a day and in a week. If you dont that’s a problem. You can easily measure (your metrics)…

The Hammer… Hitting the wrong place…
Why this step matters?

Next -Meal Planning 101
–So now that you understand this, we can talk about…

Show Your Work… UP
Lets dive into maybe the most important thing about Keto Competency.

The Keto 2.0 System…

Keto 2.0 just plain works. And it doesn’t take long. You don’t need to use or master all of these, but within here is part of what you will discover:

  • the 3 Secrets to Fast and Mind-Blowing Keto Transformation
  • Step by Step Strategy & Plan + Tips to Implement the 3 Secrets
  • Want a 5 Minute Hack that produces better results than a 1 hour grueling weight lifting session?
  • How would you like to let a Battery do your High Intensity Cardio for You while you watch TV?
  • Learn how to avoid that 5 Mistakes that many peoples chances of sustained Keto Transformation 


Keto Super-Hacking Secret #1: A Simple Truth to Unleashing Your Fat Burning Engine.



This short video REVEALS the Simple but Powerful Secret to an Effortless 90 Day Ketobody Transformation:

What if you had a ‘Smartcut’ to hack your fitness goals & ideal body shape?

Imagine the changes as you witness your body effortlessly transforming into your ideal shape the course of 90 days…

Keto.Academy Course is free for a Limited Time ONLY

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Keto Super-Hacking Secret #1: A Simple Truth to Unleashing Your Fat Burning Engine. -1



What if you had a ‘Smartcut’ to hack your fitness goals & ideal body shape?

Imagine the changes as you witness your body effortlessly transforming into your ideal shape the course of 90 days…

This is what a 90 Day Ketonaut Transformation looks

Flawless Cosmetic GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

But unfortunately this is what the majority of Keto Dieters experience-

Plane Crash GIF by memecandy - Find & Share on GIPHY

It doesn’t have to be like that.

There are 3 Critical Things needed for Amazing Keto Results. If you understand and use these 3 things you can have complete control over your body shape and fitness.

And even better than that, as you start to absorb the simple secrets to creating a Ketobody in the next 90 days (or less), you’ll probably also start to realize that approaching fitness in the way you are about to learn is fun, easier the longer you do it and something that quickly becomes habit.

Keto done right, should product predictable, fast results. There is one big difference between limp, weak Keto failures and Keto Afterburner results. It is is a simple but powerful thing.

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Keto Super-Hacking Secret #1: A Simple Trick to Unleashing Your Fat Burning Engine.



Secret 1 -Where to Hit the Hammer

There is a secret in plain sight that most Keto Dieters aren’t aware of. It gives the people that use it a huge edge in shaping their body. This short learning session will give you that same edge.

The Secret is not Keto. Its beyond ordinary Keto. The secret will power up the Engine that unleashes Keto. Unleashed Keto will pulverize body fat, and shape the Ketobody of your dreams.

The ‘Keto’ Hammer

There is a story of a master mechanic who went to fix a ship’s old, malfunctioning engine. He hops on board the ship, and goes to the engine room. He looks and listens for a few minutes.

The mechanic takes a small hammer and taps a few times on a big pope attache to the giant engine. He taps on on a few exact spots. He taps with precise force and timing. The engine stops sputtering and suddenly starts humming. The engine now worked like new.

The ship owner was happy with the fast and incredible result, but shocked by the bill of $10,000 for such little work. The ship owner asked for an itemized bill.

Tapping with a Hammer: $2
Knowing where to Tap: $10,000

Knowing where to Tap Is PRICELESS
Unfortunately, most people don’t realize there is a skill to getting results with Keto. They dont have a hammer and they dont know where to tap. Unfortunately, that leads them to put a lot of hard work and energy into things that dont matter. It doesnt have to be like that.

Incredible results will be normal if you do what we are about to talk about. Now, Secret #1.

Secret #1 -An 80-20 Hyper-Focus on Deep Ketosis

For the Secret to Easy, Mind Blowing Results with Keto, Watch this Short Video:

How to Take Complete Control of Your Ketobody Results…

Keto should be Fun, Easy, and Hyper Effective at Quickly Transforming your body. Focusing on the Secret we just discussed will give a huge edge in shaping your own body.

For Keto Secret #1 step-by-step detail, be sure to Get ‘the 3 Day Ketonaut Bootcamp’ course while it is still FREE.

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