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Keto? It's a Simple Decision -Let's Look at the 'Keto Math'

The ketogenic diet, or "keto" for short, is a unique and effective way to lose weight. Unlike other diets that simply result in a mild reduction of fat, the keto diet specifically targets fat cells and uses them as a source of energy. This means that weight loss on the keto diet can be much more dramatic and noticeable.

Many people find traditional diets to be slow, difficult, and unenjoyable. The keto diet, however, is different. While it does require some initial learning and planning, once the body enters a state of ketosis and starts burning fat for fuel, weight loss can become exponential.

In summary, the ketogenic diet is a powerful and effective way to lose weight and burn fat, and it offers a refreshing alternative to the linear and often frustrating nature of other diets

(00) Why Keto? Understanding the Worlds Most Powerful Diet

27 January 2023